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  • Cem Novella
  • Managing Director - Novella Group

Cem Novella is the managing director of Novella Group. Novella Group is a consultancy company comprised of Static Electricity Control, Meech Australia Static Control & Newson Gale Australia.

Cem is the current chair for the Centre for Static Electricity Control and provides technical support and guidance to various industry groups and standards committees in relation to static electricity control and lightning protection in hazardous areas.

As static electricity and lightning affect a wide spectrum of global industrial and manufacturing processes, Cem has worked on a diverse range of static electricity control and lightning protection programs for applications across the globe, including Mawson Station in Antarctica.


In Australia Cem continues to raise awareness of static electricity and lightning in hazardous areas amongst the broader industrial and manufacturing sectors in the hope that in the not too distant future, every site in Australia will be required to adopt an appropriate static electricity and lightning control plan.