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Auckland, New Zealand - On the 5th and 6th of June 2024, Auckland will host the High Voltage & Arc Flash Conference, an acclaimed event presented by IDC Technologies. Held at the prestigious Cordis Hotel, this conference has garnered praise from industry professionals and is a must-attend for engineers, technicians, and electrical professionals across New Zealand's utilities, mining, manufacturing, and oil and gas sectors.

Unprecedented Gathering of International Experts
A standout feature of this conference is the rare opportunity to learn from a panel of international experts. Renowned professionals from Australia, Singapore, and Canada, who have made significant contributions to their respective fields, will share their insights and expertise. This gathering of international experts in New Zealand is a unique chance for attendees to gain global perspectives without leaving the country.

Comprehensive Program Tailored for Professionals
The conference offers a comprehensive 2 day program covering a wide range of topics crucial to high voltage design and maintenance as well as arc flash hazard management.  Sessions will delve into:

  •         Techniques to extend the life of high voltage assets
  •         Strategies for enhancing safety and reliability
  •         Practical solutions to design and installation issues
  •         Advanced diagnostic techniques and testing regimes
  •         Insights into the latest arc flash research and standards developments
  •         Case studies highlighting real-world challenges and solutions


Keynote Speakers and Presenters
The conference features an impressive lineup of local and international presenters including:

Terry W. Becker, Electrical Safety Specialist, live from Calgary, Canada

Terry is renowned as one of North America's leading authorities in electrical safety. As an IEEE Senior Member, he holds pivotal roles as a voting member of several significant arc flash and electrical safety standards committees. Terry will present on ‘Arc Flash Hazard Change Management: How Advancements in North America will Accelerate Breakthrough Improvements in New Zealand.’

Antony Giacomin from TJ|H2b Analytical Services

Additionally, the conference will feature Antony Giacomin from TJ|H2b Analytical Services Australia, who was the top-rated presenter at the 2023 High Voltage Conference (Brisbane). Antony will be presenting his distinguished talk titled 'Condition Assessment of HV Equipment via Oil Testing'.

The conference will also host 10 other local and international subject matter experts.

Practical Insights and Networking Opportunities
Attendees will not only gain valuable technical knowledge but also have the opportunity to network with industry peers and experts. The conference aims to foster collaboration and facilitate discussions on common challenges and innovative solutions. Be part of our successful event series, now coming to New Zealand.

High Voltage & Arc Flash Conference Brochure

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