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Navigating the Future: Highlights from the 2nd Annual LearnTech Conference & Exhibition

On November 30, 2023, education and technology converged at Beaumonde on the Point in Perth, Western Australia, for the 2nd annual LearnTech Conference & Exhibition. Drawing participants from schools, the VET sector, universities, RTOs, and Industry L&D teams, LearnTech solidified its position as WA's premier education technology event.

Keynote speaker Andrew Douch stole the show with his captivating talks on "The Intersection of Technology and Pedagogy" and "Attention, Technology and the Science of Learning".  His insights not only engaged the audience but also provided practical approaches to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge tech into educational practices. The delegate feedback overwhelmingly praised Douch's talks, marking him as standout of the event.

MC Nicole Adams, from St Hildas Girls School, deserves a special mention for her outstanding role as the Master of Ceremonies. Her ability to "read the room" and weave in relevant anecdotes enhanced the overall impact of each talk. 

Here's what attendees had to say:

  • "The event exceeded my expectations."
  • "Andrew Douch was awesome! I feel like I learned a lot, and also how to apply that knowledge."
  • "The presenters were all fascinating and very well chosen."
  • "Andrew Douch is outstanding, a good mix of very good presenters and approaches to telling their story."

A special acknowledgment goes out to our esteemed event exhibitors who played a pivotal role in shaping the LearnTech Conference & Exhibition experience. During conference breaks, these innovative exhibitors, including Androgogic, Mindflight7, IRIS Invigilation, Engineering Institute of Technology, Skills Explorer, Facilitate, Pickly2Sweet, and Business Events Perth, showcased their cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the delegates.Their presence added a dynamic and interactive dimension to the event, allowing delegates to explore, engage, and gain firsthand insights into the latest advancements in educational technology.

A special acknowledgment also to all of the conference presenters who shared their expertise on a range of topics:

  • Andrew Douch: EvolvEducation -The Intersection of Technology and Pedagogy
  • Leanne Crawshaw: Instructional Designer, Quality & Development, North Metropolitan TAFE - How to use the Universal Design Learning Framework (UDL) for Neurodiverse Students
  • Drs. Arti Siddhpura, Harisinh Parmar & Milind Siddhpura: Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) - How to Teach and Assess in the Evolving Presence of AI
  • Steven Payne: Learning & Teaching Consultant, Standout Education - AI and Accessibility in Microsoft 365
  • Craig Mitchell & Thomas Rowe: TrainingXR Lead & Project Manager, Sentient -Virtual Realms: Exploring the Possibilities and Applications of VR and AR in Education
  • Dr. Aidan McCarthy & Meredith Roe: Technology Innovators & Consultants - Reimagining the Role of the Educator: Using Technology to Support, Rethink and Empower
  • Rob Barugh: Director of Learning Technology, Hale School - AI in Action: Hale School’s AI Implementation Story
  • Andrew Douch: EvolvEducation - Unforgettable! Attention, Technology and the Science of Learning
  • Nicole Adams: St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls - MC & Discussion Panel


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