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IDC Technologies hosted its 9th Australian High Voltage Conference on the 26th and 27th of July, 2023. Against the vibrant backdrop of Brisbane, this event fostered a blend of valuable insights, high voltage training networking opportunities, and innovative ideas for the industry. 

Specifically tailored for professionals working with high-voltage systems in industries such as mining, industrial plants, oil and gas, and utilities, the conference encompassed a diverse spectrum. From high voltage design and testing to high voltage installation and high voltage maintenance topics. 

Keynote presentations delivered by Raul Barrera and Ben Li captivated the audience, leading to enthusiastic interactions and a multitude of questions from attendees.

One of the pivotal discussions at the conference was Australia's move to adopt a modified version of IEC 61936-1, which will supersede AS 2067. This milestone holds great significance for the high voltage industry, promising noteworthy advancements and developments.

A massive thanks go out to the conference speakers who presented the following topics:  

Raúl Barrera: New Approaches to High Voltage Protection Systems in the Age of Inverter-Based Resources
Roland Terry-Lloyd: Shaping Australia’s High-Voltage Installation Standards
Ben Li: Technical Changes from AS 2067 to IEC 61936-1: Implications for Industry Adoption
Jason Mayer: Arc Flash Hazards Associated with using Fuses to Protect Distribution Transformers
Antony Giacomin: Condition Assessment of HV Equipment via Oil Testing
Jackson Hill: High Voltage Commissioning
Kin Yu Lam: Enhancing Safety and Reliability of Transformer Fleet by Retrofilling with Natural Ester Dielectric Fluid
Jayson Patrick: Improved HV Cable Rating Calculations by Combining the IEC Standard with the Finite Element Technique
Thomas Whyte: PD Testing of HV Assets: How Often Should We Test?
Mark Spinks: Case Studies on the Application of Aerial Inspection Techniques to Private Powerline Networks
Ryan Hudson: Arc Flash Hazards in HV Contexts
Mick Weston: Why Grid Connections Go Bad – The Participants v AEMO and the NSPs 

IDC Technologies is also exceptionally grateful to the sponsors and supporters who helped made this conference possible:  
EA Technology  
Voltex Power Engineers
Live HV
APT Publications
Standards Australia

Check out the event video here:

If you would like to be involved in the 2024 High Voltage Conference, taking place on the 24th & 25th July in Brisbane please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the webpage for more information. 

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