In recognition of the need for an installation standard for battery storage devices in Australia, Standards Australia has been working with industry, government and the broader community.

The draft standard has gone through the consensus-based standards development process, with Standards Australia engaging with representatives on the relevant technical committee throughout this process to ensure a wide-range of views have been considered.

The draft standard, Electrical Installations - Safety of battery systems for use with power conversion equipment, is progressing to the ballot stage of the standards development process.

“Given strong support from a range of key industry and government representatives, this standard should be heading towards publication in coming weeks,” said General Manager, Strategy and Engagement, Adam Stingemore.

“This draft standard has been updated in an effort to make it easier for the installer to know what requirements are necessary for the type of system they are installing,” said Mr Sandy Atkins, from Standards Australia’s EL-042 Technical Committee responsible for the standard.

Standards Australia expects that work in this area will continue as the industry evolves. Proposals for new standards or changes to standards can be submitted at any time.

“Standards are detailed, technical documents which address safety and efficiency challenges in heavily regulated sectors. The publication of standards such as this prove the value of the Standards Australia process in bringing industry, government and the community together for a collective benefit. We look forward to progressing through the ballot stage of development over the coming weeks,” concluded Mr Stingemore.  

Scott McGrath - Government Relations Manager, Standards Australia 

If you are interested in the new standard then you may benefit from attending the upcoming 2nd Lithium Batteries Conference which features half day workshop “Fast track your knowledge of the new battery standard (AS/NZS 5139)” presented by Glen Morris, a contributing member of the AS/NZS 5139 committee. 

The aim of this conference is to explore the future of lithium battery technology in Australia including industry issues, the new battery storage standards AS/NZS 5139 and emerging applications. The event will focus on lithium battery design, installation, manufacturing, chemistry, energy storage, electrical vehicles, charging stations and hybrid applications. It will explore recent research developments and how these can be applied in the real world to benefit industry and the Australian consumer.


Principal of SolarQuip
Smart Energy Council's representative on EL-042
Contributing member - AS/NZS 5139 committee
Former Vice President of the Smart Energy Council 
CTO of the Smart Energy Lab

Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems Design Consultant
PowerPlus Energy

Topics include:

•    Is lithium-ion the future of energy storage? Opportunities and challenges for lithium-ion based energy storage - what’s next?
•    Fast track your knowledge of the new battery standard (AS/NZS 5139)
•    The new relationship between batteries and inverters
•    The future direction of lithium ion batteries
•    The challenge of connecting large Lithium battery energy storage systems to the Australian National Electricity Market
•    Lithium battery management systems
•    What’s involved in the construction of an ultra-rapid electric car charging station?
•    Lithium batteries in stand alone power applications 
•    Battery recycling - the importance and challenges of a circular economy for batteries 
•    Lithium batteries – testing and certification
•    Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) – the future of energy storage
•    Lithium chemistries: SWOT
•    Where is battery technology going?

For more details download the event brochure HERE or register online HERE

For more information please contact IDC Events:
1300 138 522 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view