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The Victorian Labor government has announced Victorians will be able to save up to $890 per year on their power bills under the new Solar Homes program, if re-elected. 

Under this $1.24 billion program, 650,000 homes will see half-priced solar panels installed over 10 years. It’s expected to save the typical household up to $2225 off the installation of an average 4kW solar system. From July next year, there will be no upfront cost and Victorians will be able to pay off the rest of the interest-free loan over four years. 

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the government will immediately invest $68 million into the launch of the program.   

“We know the cost of living is going up and it’s getting harder to make ends meet. That’s why Labor is helping families with their energy bills. Only Labor will help put solar panels on your roof to cut your electricity bills by around $900 a year,” he said.

This investment is expected to bring the number of homes in Victoria with solar panels to one million within the next decade. Once the project is complete, the government said Victorians will collectively save approximately $500 million per year on electricity. 

The program is also expected to lead to the reduction of almost four million tonnes of carbon emissions and generate 12.5 per cent of the state’s 40 per cent target for renewable energy by 2025. 

The rebate is available to all Victorians with a household income of up to $180,000 who live in their own home, which is valued at up to $3 million. This means nine out of 10 Victorians who own their own home will be eligible. 

A new independent agency will be established to work with industry, regulators and training organisations to deliver the program. Solar Victoria will create almost 5500 new jobs. 

The government said they believe safety is paramount, so they will be investing an additional $9 million to support the accreditation of 4,500 electricians to install the solar panels. 

Under the same program, the government will be giving Victorians the opportunity to receive a $1000 rebate when they replace their old hot water systems with a new solar system. This will save the average household between $160 and $400 per year on electricity bills. 

This program is available to Victorians who meet the requirements for the solar panel rebate, however, can’t install them due to roof design or shade. 

Currently, this rebate is available to up to 6,000 households. However, it will be expanded to 60,000 from July next year if Labor is re-elected in Victoria. 

Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio said the Victorian Labor government is committed to helping families save money on electricity bills. 

“Putting solar panels and hot water systems on more than 700,000 homes will save Victorians more than $500 million a year on their electricity bills and generate enough solar power to keep the lights on at the MCG for 9,000 years,” she said.

Source: https://www.pv-magazine-australia.com

If you are interested in solar power and stand alone power systems then you might like to attend the upcoming 3rd Solar-Diesel Hybrid & Battery Systems Conference in Melbourne on the 22nd & 23rd November 2018 which will cover the design, installation and maintenance of renewable hybrid systems. 

Day one of the conference features eight technical presentations/case studies from industry professionals and covers small to large installations. Day two involves a full day practical and hands-on workshop on “Designing Stand-Alone Power Systems” presented by local industry guru Glen Morris. The workshop focuses on small scale installations but the information/calculations are easily transferrable to larger projects. The event will have a technical focus, covering key design, implementation, and operational considerations for solar/diesel hybrid and battery systems including installation and maintenance. Also covered will be the hurdles encountered when introducing solar to an existing diesel power system, retrofitting, and the importance of maintaining consistent electricity.  

You can download the full event brochure HERE or register online HERE.


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