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Wiring Rules Revision 

Techncial paper presented at the IDC Technologies 2nd Electrical Regulatory Compliance Conference in Perth on November 29th & 30th 2017.

By Gary Busbridge - Standardisation Manager, Clipsal and Schneider Electric Partner Business

The Wiring Rules affect your businesses every day. Whether you are an electrical contractor or an electrical engineer, the changes to each clause in a revision of the Wiring Rules affect your compliance with State legislation. 
The new and revised Wiring Rules should be ready for publishing by May/June 2018. Is your business prepared for these amendments?
This workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to work through those amendments clause-by-clause and discuss the reasoning with the Chair of the Wiring Rules committee. This will also provide a unique insight into the actual intent behind the amendments. 

A finalised draft was issued for Public Comment early in 2016. This is a predetermined part of the standards development process and not surprisingly it is named the Public Comment phase. Yes, that is right each one of the electrical industry stakeholders, from the biggest businesses to the one-man show, had an opportunity to review and provide comment for the Wiring Rules committee to consider. 

Over 2000 comments have been received and reviewed by the committee who have resolved these as an “agreed”, “not agreed” or “noted” comment. You may not get what you wanted but you have a right to view the resultant committee decision after this resolution process. Incidentally there have been many comments that make plenty of sense but further work is need to refine them, so these we are consigning to Amendment 1.

The document is being readied for Committee Ballot. The committee may or may not accept the document for various reasons and any negative votes must be reconciled before it moves to a publishing phase. 

There are over 200 changes that will be presented at the conference and there is a preponderance of technical updates that are essential for you to be aware. Let’s get started on the major changes for each section.

To read the full technical paper click here: http://www.events.idc-online.com/files/WiringRulesRevisionGaryBusbridge.pdf

If you are interested in low voltages systems and the upcoming changes to AS/NZS 3000 then you may wish to attend the upcoming 4th Low Voltage Conference in Sydney on July 3rd & 4th 2018. 

This conference aims to review the application and best practice in the requirements laid down in the standard AS/NZS 3000:2018, commonly known as Australia-New Zealand Wiring Rules. The new Wiring Rules 2018 are due for release in early-mid 2018 and this event will cover all the amendments and how they will affect industry.

The primary purpose of the AS/NZS 3000 standard, like many of its various other equivalent national standards, is to ensure the safety of personnel, livestock and property against the dangers (e.g. electric shock and fire) arising from the use and handling of electrical equipment and appliances. For those installations covered in the scope of this standard, its provisions are mandatory and must be followed. Any engineer involved in planning and design of electrical systems, installation or maintenance must have a clear idea about the various requirements contained in the standard. 

Conference topics include:

  • Wiring Rules - Unplugged - Gary Busbridge, Chairman of the EL001 Wiring Rules Standards Committee - Clipsal by Schneider Electric             
  • Protection Issues – Compliance with the Wiring Rules - Chris Halliday, PowerLogic Electrical Consulting & Training               
  • Cudal Quarry Electrical Fatality – Case study of the incident, its precursors, cause, outcomes and results for the landmark legal case - Matthew Bale, Safearth Consulting            
  • The Application of AS/NZS 3000 “Wiring Rules” to mining and its’ interaction with Mining Legislation and the Resources Regulator inNSW - Phillip Morton, NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Resources Regulator
  • What's New with Switchboard Standard AS 61439? Boris Fuchs, Schneider Electric          
  • Earthing Essentials – Electro Magnetic Compatibility and Variable Speed DrivesNick Hughes, Power Electronics Australia             
  • Permanently Connected Machines and the AS/NZS 3000 Conundrum - Roger Royal, Snowy Technical Services & IDC Technologies    
  • Legally Electric - Chris Halliday, PowerLogic Electrical Consulting & Training          
  • WORKSHOP - AS/NZS 3000 Explanations for Engineers and Technicians - Roger Royal, Snowy Technical Services & IDC Technologies

Download the full event brochure HERE or register online HERE. If you experience any difficulties, please call 1300 138 522 and ask for Sarah or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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